This one's for you

from 2010

Are you in the right class?


-shuffle, flush-

I dream during daily drudgery.

Thought collects in my nostrils;

Reason tangles my hair.

-stammer, chortle, fuss-

Take a seat. Take a seat,

You need to be heard,

The part of you unadvertised

By The Clamorous Times.

-scrape, furrow, knit, survive, sing-

We’ll tap into you like a great tree.

Your dried mud will crumble,

Then someone will come ‘round to vacuum

And it will be gone.

-soften, loosen, strengthen, lift-

Shift, and sigh. In wonderment, laugh.

Here at table I take — well,

Give me moment or more

To say some things strange but true.

When I hear music do you know what I do?

-zip, button, fasten, zip-

I know what you do, you dance.