Sven Weisemann @ Make It New // Middlesex Lounge

secret agency

"He looks Svenish," said Andy.

Sven Weisemann, or who I assumed to be Sven Weisemann, leaned on a subwoofer waiting, the Middlesex Lounge's "Waldo" in black and white horizontal stripes.  And as it became midnight he still stood there, turning down drinks and adjusting his glasses, occasionally making approving faces at the track one of the residents played.  

I leaned heavily against the concrete counter, my virgin margarita in one hand, in the spotlight.  It was past my witching hour, yet I was happy to be reunited with friends Andy and Josiah, and we stood there talking about music and pending island getaways.  We were in the perfect corner to observe, off to the side of the fray. 

With quick reflexes, Sven improvised EQ patterns and punched out beats on the CDJ.  He closed his eyes and was in that other world.  Though he didn't seem to notice the crowd much, he kept us moving and marvelling.