Feedback Box: REKIDS010CD - Nina Kraviz debut

[This morning I received a promotional e-mail from Clare at Global Publicity - globalpublicity.co.uk - about Nina Kraviz's upcoming release on Rekids.]

Nina Kraviz has a great voice and there are some excellent vocal melodic lines in the promotional clip I listed to. However, the album sounds unfinished. My ears long to hear a thick electronic musical backdrop that really does her voice and songwriting skills justice. I realize that there is a minimal aesthetic going on here, yet I wonder.


The synth stylings of 9.15 in the sample really caught my ear. I thought, "Let's put a deep, chugging heavy beat behind this and it would really be a dancefloor killer." I have to be honest! This sounds to me like the framework for a great album.
At the end of the promo, I hear her sing "Pressssurrre." Well sometimes, I guess, it's important to tune out the pressure and do what one likes. If that's the case here, then great. The debut just sounds hurried, though. Sometimes it's better to back up and make the world wait, or collaborate like crazy for inspiration. It can't be easy if you're touring.

Anyway, the release date is set for February. And I think, "Really, do you want this to be just another okay new release?" Nina and Rekids would do well to invest more time in this project or take it back to the woodshed in the interim and add some layers and maybe basslines!