Feedback Box: Marc Houle "Undercover EP" // etc.

This morning I received a promotional e-mail regarding Marc Houle's new Undercover EP, which contains material from his forthcoming album on Items & Things. First of all, I love getting those e-mails. Thanks Clare Dover, Nikki Wright-McNeill and Desy Balmer (Nice & Nasty / Dublin XPress.)

"I'm going undercover - keep me, undercover." Marc Houle's title track is quite literal with parallel climbing low bit bass and synth sextuplets, and the everpresent Roland toms (which I like, let's face it, no matter how many times I hear them.) Thanks to Beatport, I know that the track is A minor, as many dance tracks are I've noticed.

Tangent: Knowing the keys of your tracks does not necessarily mean you should mix in a familiar chord progression. A lot of great sets take spontaneous twists and turns. Yet, knowing keys can be helpful in that you learn more about the composition of what you're doing. Sure, you could try to mix in one key the whole time, but that would probably sound static. Plus, two tracks in the same key don't always jive! You still have to develop your ear (that is, if you're concerned with harmony and dissonance) and sense of timing. And it's definitely gratifying to blend two tracks together in a way that is harmonically and/or texturally complimentary.  The listeners, however many, always feel it.

Moving on...

Though "Triple E" showcases the live drums mentioned in the promo write-up, the Bruno Pronsato mix is the strongest track on the EP. The vocal in his remix of "Undercover" sounds more like the above possessed Lincoln with the glowing eyes. The texture and kick drum are developed further, making it more effective as a club track. Pronsato is a pro at the dry creepy vibes.