Trying To Fall Asleep In A Cocoon

cocoon sleep_teona yamanidze

I woke up last night, having been asleep for a couple of hours.  These words just popped into my mind while I was lying there.  My notebook wasn't far away so I grabbed it and jotted down these fragments that occured at various intervals.  Eventually I went to sleep again.  I guess I should keep my notebook by the bedside more often so I can record these impressions that seem to emanate from another realm.  Perhaps it's just me, when my mental walls have been lowered.  Before I fell asleep the first time I was imagining that I was about to drift off in my cocoon, that sleep was the time when the new pathways or insights I'd learned and received and created during the day would be incorporated into my being. 


Like a childhood manifesto
Hey man
That's the way, America

Not ghetto art
Flying eagle enterprise


We were talking
for about 15 minutes
So I just threw this in
Saying goodbye in Spanish
For all I care


Never ever
Has a mistletoe
Trained a gentleman
From toe to toe
Sex and civil life


All assault
All distractions