An Inconspicuous Year

[ I found this poem, which I wrote in 2000 or 2001, in a crate of papers this morning. ]

The bombs went off
And inarticulation ruled.
There always seemed to be bickering
Therefore so-called crises were fueled.
Everyone laughed and everyone cried
And everyone laughed again, as they should
For, the economy was good.
Everyone blasphemed and everyone prayed,
But the culmination of all was getting paid.
One might not probably say,
But it was true
As doubts of priorities grew and grew.
Material or spiritual?  Some would say.
Science or religion?  Some said again.
And some said neither, now and then.
There were tornados and earthquakes,
Every sort of natural disaster.
There was bankruptcy, and meltdown
In a nuclear reactor.
All the while some achieved and some deceived
And others achieved by deceiving;
Still others received for achieving,
Achieved by receiving and received by deceiving.
But the details have been lost in details
And all seems small and far away,
Fusion into vague yesterday,
Happiness and moral judgements far away.
All in all, an inconspicuous year.