The Call To Nuclear Disarmament

I, Sarah Ikerd,
on October 17th, 2011
call for international nuclear disarmament:
the dismantling of all existing nuclear weapons
and the cessation of their production and testing.

I call on the individuals involved in the manufacture of such weapons
to redirect their energies and intelligence
to technologies that sustain and improve quality of life,
not those of mutually assured destruction.

Long enough has nuclear anxiety hindered international relations.
It is time to move forward.

I call upon the United States,
as the only nation to have ever used the bomb in conflict,
to set the example and initiate disarmament,
to write a new chapter in which this costly and fruitless enterprise is abandoned,
and by doing so, build trust among all nations.

Since this is an international call to disarmament,
I invite any and all of the nations possessing nuclear weapons;
I invite any and all of the individuals and companies involved in their manufacture
to step up, and lead the way.