$1,000,000 Dollar Home

_ from 2010

Listen, I was at the symphony

Thumbing through my program.

There was a page of real estate,

Opposite a list of donors.

And for a moment,

I vanished into the tiny world...

Would you order a $7 dollar pizza

From a $1,000,000 Dollar Home?

Like a backwoods fool

Who just won the lottery?

Though I can imagine

Marble and chocolate,

Surveillance and polish,

Climate control,

Portraits of goblets

And guns

That line the insides

Of a $1,000,000 Dollar Home.

So would you haul out garbage in a bathrobe

From a $1,000,000 Dollar Home?

Or is there a robot for that?

Maybe me.

I’m not a donor or a deity

With a $1,000,000 Dollar Home.

I bought a $14 dollar ticket

And moved to the front row.