City Limits

photo + words: s.ikerd

Distant peaks
Covered by night

My eyes measure

The skyline
What could be

A constellation
Lying low

SILKIE \\ city limits vol. 2 \\ DEEP MEDI


OM :: Listed

// Thursday night reminded me of the nightlife reality that fantasy often supersedes.  It's easy to enjoy lights and colors as a spectator.  As the entertainment, less romantic details are magnified.  Before I began DJing, I spoke with a half-Chilean from Denmark.  He'd just finished a Harvard leadership seminar and made his way to Om for liquid enlightenment.  Although I don't equate drink with genuine discovery, we both had champagne cocktails at the time.  His was orange; mine was pink.  He told me briefly about family business and travel plans.  Nearby two Boston guys chatted up a table of European girls: "Have you ever had a 'Surfer On Acid?'"  Most of the those in attendance were students abroad, accustomed to electronic music, but not necessarily discerning.  A German lad, sort of blotto, came forward and asked me if I was going to play something more aggressive, to which I responded:  "Look around - this is not an 'aggressive' vibe right now," to which he replied that I had a point.  Later I heard his Asian friend in a fedora say that she needed some inspiration or motivation to dance.  I brought just enough music, no margin to humor anyone, so I played on and she danced to one disco-flavored track.  What more can I say...

// This is a list of the tracks I played: