The Local

the weekend - the morning

My friends Jeff Curtis and Andy Savage recently took over Om Thursday nights with house and techno, and I took in the atmosphere.

Under the eye-opening full moon I walked across the park lit with lanterns hanging from the trees. Will I monumentalize every moment? Yes, I will. Bands played in the side streets. The doors and windows of Harvard Square were open. I passed below the urban canopy to the patio.  Inside Om water flowed down the wall and I ordered a Purple Rain without the rum. There's a little intrigue: heavy carved doors, tantric deities both wrathful and protective, and a hidden beaded curtain.

hybrid lava

A troupe wandered in - French, Japanese, Russian, American. They clustered near the bar and started ordering: "What kind of shots do you have?" One St. Germain concoction later they were clapping and dancing. After the third round, they wandered back out. The next wave of people drifted in from hookah smoking. I was admiring the combination of lavender and mint in my drink. Thoughts of what happened and why persisted because it was non-alcoholic. Lightning fast the bartender squashed limes with a pestle and filled the glass with soda. Om's soaked in liquor instead of beer, dark and chilled and not too fancy, open to the street for the summer.

I'm writing now, sunburned from yesterday.

love is all we need

HHYR16 - Jon Da Silva - B2. Love Is All We Need (dub) by rushhourrecords