Keep On Changing Shape

photo: s.ikerd


Sometimes life feels like an extraordinary joke.  The past couple of months have found me immersed in work and other practicalities, and nonsense.  Yet - even the nonsense has served its purpose.  Every day I'm pushed to learn by mysterious cosmic forces.  Sometimes it feels like more than I can handle.  But then I absorb and then I change, and then there's something else to wrap my head around.  One track I find myself listening to almost every day is Omid 16B's "Keep On Changing Shape."  It's also the final track of the GIGABEAT1! mix, my favorite so far of the series.

Omid was in Boston recently, at Rise.  It was last Saturday, but I never made it to the only club in Boston that stays open past 2 AM.  Jeff had dropped me off at home that night, me saying we'd reconvene later.  We'd been listening to "Driving To Heaven," the 16B epic on Hooj Choons.  There was probably no way the DJ set could've measured up to summer air through the car windows rolled down, this playing loudly along Ocean Avenue:


Both "Keep On Changing Shape" and "Driving To Heaven" are from the album How To Live 100 Years.
And here's some dramatic 16B from 2011:

"I'm driving to heaven and there's no way back home."
photo: s.ikerd