Terence Fixmer :: Deeper In The Night

photo: s.ikerd

Terence Fixmer's "The Night" EP rises above most summer techno designed for loss of faculties and dehydration.  It's creepy and compelling. He craftily walks the line between dirge and dance.

"Night" owns the body from beat one, causing immediate visceral reaction.

Marc Houle's twisted take marches on,
then defects way into pitch bending territory.


The Frenchman's "Kiss Of Death" relies on homing beacon tones to keep reeling you back to obsession. 


After intensity, "Deeper In The Night" is the open-ended conclusion unloosed to mystery.


Dancing On The Block

One of the hottest summer days so far, last Saturday on Dickinson Street, really someone's driveway in Cambridge, was well roasted and relaxed by the time the music stopped that night. But at the beginning, which was about five for me, I heard the pulse from three blocks away and smiled. Dancing On The Block #2 was "Open to Public," and later I saw the public sitting outside its orange perimeter in the adjacent park, stupefied as if the dance party barbecue was a TV program. It may have had the same effect as watching MTV'S The Grind, except no pool, though there were handheld spray fans, bubbles and unused neon badminton rackets.

Dancing didn't really begin until the sun dipped and shadow cast across the DJ tent. Until that point people stood behind the speakers by the portable toilets, in one of which was an empty bottle of Captain Morgan. The captain visited whoever emptied it early in the festivities.  I tried to stay hydrated between sips of a rather good and dry sparkling wine served by a cheerful guy who danced when he wasn't pouring.

I didn't eat because it was too hot.  When I got close to the grill I had to back away. "Yeah," said the red and sweaty guy in an apron who cooked the hot dogs and hamburgers. My friend's sleep-deprived friend Omar ate a hot dog.  He seemed impervious to the heat in pants and a long-sleeved black shirt, but didn't start popping and locking until after dark, over by the massage tent. Yes, there was a massage table, which didn't lend itself well to the weather either but it was novel. 

After enough "Brut" sparkling wine I gave myself over to silly talk.  "Someone just turned up the sexy knob on the mixer!"  The daylight disco became evening deep tech and the block proved to be the gateway to the next event and then the next.  "So where are we going next?"  That destination was Think Tank, a few streets down and less thought was the theme.  The Dickinson Street crowd gradually migrated and the Kendall Square bar transformed into a house music party after the party. 

But I could barely dance after sharing a perfect burger, flatbread pizza and banana split that was mostly whipped cream.  I ate the Think Tank food with an eager appetite as if I'd been swimming for a while.  It was the same satisfying feeling.  Then I hit the wall, sunbaked and digesting.  So I cabbed it home.  On the way, the night breeze through the window was reassuring of the deep sleep to come.  I closed my eyes and let my face relax.   

next dancing on the block: september 3rd

more pictures:  beantown boogiedown


To Boldly Edit What Many Have Edited Before...

The dancefloor: the final frontier.  This is the voyage of the Glasgow starship scratchnsniff.  Its ongoing mission:  to "cut and paste edits with nothing added," to "stay true to the original material," to boldly edit what many have edited before...



photo  +  words:  s.ikerd

Fire of the stars


Between us


My skyward gaze

A silent melody

Pass The Soma: Percy X

photo: s.ikerd

"Impulse arrested spills over, and the flood is feeling, the flood is passion, the flood is even madness: it depends on the force of the current, the height and strength of the barrier." brave new world

Percy X, now also Edit Select , began producing in the late nineties - what a glorious time for techno - and mostly for Glasgow label Soma, named after Aldous Huxley's perfect pleasure drug.

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"All the advantages of Christianity and alcohol; none of their defects." brave new world

"Melt in the music of the drums! For I am you and you are I." brave new world

The Local

the weekend - the morning

My friends Jeff Curtis and Andy Savage recently took over Om Thursday nights with house and techno, and I took in the atmosphere.

Under the eye-opening full moon I walked across the park lit with lanterns hanging from the trees. Will I monumentalize every moment? Yes, I will. Bands played in the side streets. The doors and windows of Harvard Square were open. I passed below the urban canopy to the patio.  Inside Om water flowed down the wall and I ordered a Purple Rain without the rum. There's a little intrigue: heavy carved doors, tantric deities both wrathful and protective, and a hidden beaded curtain.

hybrid lava

A troupe wandered in - French, Japanese, Russian, American. They clustered near the bar and started ordering: "What kind of shots do you have?" One St. Germain concoction later they were clapping and dancing. After the third round, they wandered back out. The next wave of people drifted in from hookah smoking. I was admiring the combination of lavender and mint in my drink. Thoughts of what happened and why persisted because it was non-alcoholic. Lightning fast the bartender squashed limes with a pestle and filled the glass with soda. Om's soaked in liquor instead of beer, dark and chilled and not too fancy, open to the street for the summer.

I'm writing now, sunburned from yesterday.

love is all we need

HHYR16 - Jon Da Silva - B2. Love Is All We Need (dub) by rushhourrecords

Hot . Natured .

"don't play minimal, play minigolf"
[ Most of the following hot selections are available on Beatport ]

Gustaph // Same Thing
GUSTAPH - Same Thing (Vintage Mix Extended Version) [RGL006-2] by Regalia Recordings

Alena // Changes

Mankind // Metro City Blues

Roman Fleischer // Out Of My Head
Roman Fleischer - Out Of My Head (Original Mix) by Roman F

Argy // Tari Tari
Argy Tari Tari by permanent vacation

Kastil // Rolls Royce
B2 - Kastil - "Rolls Royce" by Kastil

Bermuda // Ihasama
Bermuda - Ihasama (Nacho Marco Remix) (Snippet) by Robergz

Rayko // Getting Down
getting down (rayko edit) Limited vinyl out Now! by Rayko

Alexis Raphael // Kitchens & Bedrooms
Alexis Raphael - Kitchens and Bedrooms (Original Mix) by Lower East

Blondes // Pleasure

video by http://www.farleygwazda.net/

Nhar // Moonhole
Nhar - Moonhole - Perspectiv 034 by Nhar

Columbus // Hubble
Columbus - Hubble (Pyjamas Remix)

Deep88 // Don't Play Minimal, Play Minigolf

Only Children // Don't Stop
Only Children 'Don't Stop' (Mighty Mouse Remix) by Mighty Mouse

Bulb // Tenderness


Keep On Changing Shape

photo: s.ikerd


Sometimes life feels like an extraordinary joke.  The past couple of months have found me immersed in work and other practicalities, and nonsense.  Yet - even the nonsense has served its purpose.  Every day I'm pushed to learn by mysterious cosmic forces.  Sometimes it feels like more than I can handle.  But then I absorb and then I change, and then there's something else to wrap my head around.  One track I find myself listening to almost every day is Omid 16B's "Keep On Changing Shape."  It's also the final track of the GIGABEAT1! mix, my favorite so far of the series.

Omid was in Boston recently, at Rise.  It was last Saturday, but I never made it to the only club in Boston that stays open past 2 AM.  Jeff had dropped me off at home that night, me saying we'd reconvene later.  We'd been listening to "Driving To Heaven," the 16B epic on Hooj Choons.  There was probably no way the DJ set could've measured up to summer air through the car windows rolled down, this playing loudly along Ocean Avenue:


Both "Keep On Changing Shape" and "Driving To Heaven" are from the album How To Live 100 Years.
And here's some dramatic 16B from 2011:

"I'm driving to heaven and there's no way back home."
photo: s.ikerd