In Bed With Absurd


I'd like hear Donato Dozzy's "In Bed" echoing in the lobby of a luxury hotel but I'll settle for sitting back in rumination with curtains billowing and papers blowing across the table.  I could drift off seeing energy arc across the insides of my eyelids.  The weekend's brilliant and warm for the first time in what seems like too long, so it's easy to romanticize on a record like this, to make a myth of the moment I'm in or create a separate world with mental snapshots.  I can't quite decipher the Tin Man's distant vocal on the B-side.  He says something deeply about games we play and thoughts reaching other dimensions and thoughts that spin in your direction, answered by slow wandering synth in acid space.  But enough of this - it's time to get out there in the sun...

Absurd Recordings, Los Angeles

absurd from 2009 >>