I Only Know What I Know Now

Dreaming Tiger (live version) by slava

Another night on the winter streets of Boston took me once again to downtown music den the Good Life.  After a full day I was summoned to see Kim Ann Foxman of stylized house collective Hercules and Love Affair, that I've seen split up into DJs but never as a band.  It was the next "Never Say Never."  The last installment I attended featured Omar S, around last February, so the weather that night was comparable with the weather then.  It was the same place and the same refuge.  The same duo opened up.  One of them passed me on the dancefloor and I acknowledged the records he played.  He said something self-deprecating and then something appreciative, exhaling weed breath.

I stood around with a couple of friends and danced a bit, holding a tall gin and tonic.  I'd asked the bartender to pour the short cocktail into a large glass with more tonic.  It was supposed to be a treat, and I thought it would be better than it was.  That's the way with drink.  Anyway, it kept me company while I observed and said hello to people I know and know of.  My friend said the waifish Kim Foxman looked like she was wearing pajamas in her oversized PARTY NAKED shirt and leather cap.  She liked analog basslines - the overall Roland sound, vocals and even whistle.  She looked back to the future and played with the nineties flare, which was fine by me and everybody else.  It lacked a certain oomph for me, mostly because of the speakers, but the music was good.  One person gave me the rundown on her credentials before her portion of the party, but that stuff I can take or leave these days.  What matters to me is that I enjoyed myself.

I must admit, I left early.  Outside the door was the pull of the afterparties, or the idea of them.  Folks tried to get me on board.  "We're going to drink for an hour at so and so's place and then go to afterhours at so and so's."  I imagined declining whatever was being passed around, people slumped on couches.  The thought made my stomach turn.  Dance music is as appealing as ever, but I feel the right hedonism has no downside.  S
hortly after arriving home I the slept the sleep of knowing it's all well and good and wonderful to sleep after a night out. 

"To thine own self be true," then the rest will fall into place.  Goodbye to the year of the tiger.  Hello 2011!