>>> under construction >>>

In the interest of fun, I’ve decided to stop making excuses and waiting for this or that software or hardware and use what I’ve got. After all, you can use your voice or hit two rocks together to make a track, as long as you have a way to record it.  A year or so ago I began piecing together something lovingly titled “Trailer Burner” from samples recorded five years ago in school, in the well-insulated sanctum of the computer music studio. I was supposed to be taking a less accessible, more electro-acoustic route, but I usually ended up with patterns and melodies.  The first sequence was assembled in Audacity, and it seems the rest will be also. After letting it sit for a while, I realized I want to finish it instead of leaving tidbits of ideas. We'll see. The 4/4 will kick in eventually, as evidenced by sample2.