Upcoming: Solab - Elko EP / Seventh Sign Recordings

                                                                         amy mash

I took notice of Seventh Sign around 2006, when Carl Finlow's mysteriously groovy "Count On It" caught my ear.  Now the new Solab record has brought the label to the front of my mind once again, causing me to re-discover past releases. The discography doesn't disappoint, mostly warm and dark with melodic electro tendencies. Solab are Glasgow producers Graham Wilson and Ross McMillan.  (Wilson co-owns Seventh Sign and McMillan also produces under the name Carlos Nilmmns.)

When I gave "Elko" a perfuntory listen on my laptop, I was still digesting their October release on Lifeworld called Celestial Tales.  November's "Litho" and "Elko" may refer to stone rather than space, yet they too gravitate toward the cosmos as layers of synth accumulate.  Both gather momentum through well-paced addition and subtraction.  "Elko" has a rough-hewn low end and serenely circular harmonies, for a basement with a view of the stars.  The more dramatic "Litho" begins with a soft padded kick drum and soon arpeggiates itself into euphoric orbit.  Solab hold my attention for the entirety of the EP with interesting sound elements and smart composition. 

Solab - Elko
Solab - Litho
Solab - Distant Galaxy

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