Altered Natives // The Soul Is A Perspective


The audio below is from Altered Natives' upcoming "No Mortgage EP" on Bosconi Records.   >>

B2_ALTERED NATIVES_VOYAGE(96kpbs).mp3 by Bosconi Records


Earlier this morning I read:  The soul is a perspective that pushes us to go deeper and think further and live wilder.  I frequently hear the word "soul" applied to certain techno and house music.  That may not make sense at first glance, being that both are driven by technology.  But technology arises from our desire to create, improve, and express ourselves.  Music perceived as soulful may be that which resonates with the innate quest to be in tune, or evolve.  It may be music that sounds unrestrained, or contemplative and enjoyable, even if inspired by dire circumstance.


go deeper:  Looking beyond the surface - the context, the significance.  Feeling something, communicating. Conscious instinct.   

think further:  I heard the imagination referred to as another sensory organ.  Exploring thoughts, what insights or ideas might result. 

live wilder:  Less restraint, less forcing into the mold - more enjoyment.