Slow Down Baby

from 6th Borough Project: Part Five
(Instruments Of Rapture) March 2010


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Various Artists: Tessera {Sushitech} 2x12"


TWYST THIS / Detroit House Dance Conference


TWYST THIS - Karizma / A Mind Of Its Own / R2 Records 2007, CD & 2x12"

CYBERQUEST ft. DJ Stingwray313 - Aaron Atkins (nephew of Juan Atkins)


Love Me Like This

Floating Points (Samual Shepherd): Love Me Like This [R2 UK]
2009 / repressed March 2010




"No time for waffle just the bare essentials..."
Steve O'Sullivan aka Blue Spirit aka Precession aka The Wise Caucasian

Precession: Retrograde Motion EP, Ferox 1995

Steve O'Sullivan: Hustler, Bluetrain 1995?
The Wise Caucasian: Night Fever EP, Mosaic UK 1996

bluespirit 002 / 004

The Wise Caucasian: Tokyo Blues EP, Mosaic 1997
Steve O'Sullivan: Une, Green/As It Is

Deux, Green/As It Is
Quatre, Green/As It Is

Bluetrain: Special Edition, Bluetrain 005 1998
Steve O'Sullivan: Top Shelf Dubs, Mosaic 2000

Bluetrain: Factory Dubs, Bluetrain 008 2000

Bluetrain: Version Blue, Bluetrain 006 2001
Blue Spirit: Undercurrents, Echo Motif


The 1st Understanding

Djorvin Clain:

The First Understanding EP


Nite Drive Over Celestial Highways

from Jibaros (Erik van Putten & Eric de Man): Jibaros Vol. 2
Bang Con Tim, Amsterdam

from M5 (Gerald Mitchell): Celestial Highways
Metroplex, Detroit


Sky Walking

from Theo Parrish: First Floor
Peacefrog Records, London
CD / 2x12" ---- 1998


The Pilgrimage

Greg Gow / The Pilgrimage / Transmat* Detroit 12"

*Transmat was founded in 1986 by Derrick May.


Sounds Of Introspection

Rob Belleville / Sounds Of Introspection / aDepth Audio 001

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Omar-S in Boston / Never Say Never

1/8/2010 Never Say Never
Good Life, Boston

Under the 8-bit guise of Omar-S, Alex O. Smith has hand-numbered and cursed his way from the GM factory to Beatport center screen. Prolific and outlandish since 2003, the latest offering from his FXHE pinball galaxy is the Plesetsk Cosmodrome EP, named for a Russian spaceport that launches military satellites. The label depicts a mysterious island beyond intended orbit. Further, Side-A’s “Kosmos 1402” has a spiral finish and recalls two launches from the early eighties: 1) The nuclear-powered Soviet satellite of the same name that went rogue and 2) The Roland Corporation’s TB-303 "Bass Line" synthesizer. Once again Omar-S has catalogued a bizarre and nonetheless endearing voyage of the analog imagination.

Having driven from headquarters, the quizzically Detroit-spurning ambassador of “back to the raw” sauntered into Boston’s Good Life bar one Friday night. Hat down-turned, with a red Ryu vs. Ken Street Fighter II shirt and heavy-lidded countenance, he proceeded to rein in the jacking tempo of Never Say Never’s sweaty prologue. Mark Ingram vs. Alex from Queens had previously burst out of the gate with vocal classics and calculated backspins. The guest of honor had no choice but to smooth out the “Shake and Pop” agenda, as his selection was comparatively subdued, with stuttering highs and sputtering lows. This was true though: “My House Is Your House” played well to the downstairs sauna, winter clothes discarded in its darkened corners.

From icy downtown crossing, guests funneled into the ground floor galley. To the left, the side bar bustled; to the right, a glass-walled outlet, broadly lit by the street and flat screens TVs that projected the latest winners and losers. Bradford James, star of Seed In The City, stood cramped but involved in the corner with a laptop and a dubious monitor. Whereas local DJ/historians stood back with beer and lemon, waiting for atmosphere to take hold, such unabashed pairings as Silk Shirt vs. Denim Jumper had nothing to wait for. Generally, those aware of Omar’s repute and those ignorant shared the same excitement and sloshed drinks onto each other before they knew it.

Below, pressed against the concrete bar, regulars and irregulars from the weeklies and monthlies had a borrowed mystique. Waxy curls and white dreadlocks obstructed the view of the dancefloor with no discernible sweet spot, but one could see a group of buttoned-down ex-collegiates who had no idea whatsoever about “Techy Alexander,” in the middle, lulled into a house trip. Clear from any viewpoint, the night was highly charged. Never Say Never was a significant pre-heat for Boston’s Together festival in February, and an example of unofficial camaraderie to be repeated.


The Dhaba EP
Fear Of Flying UK
Clear vinyl, March 2010

The Dhaba EP by Low Volume


Energy Distortion

F: Energy Distortion (7even Recordings, France)
CD / 3 part 12" series
March 2010



Duplex: Autoload EP (Clone) 12"


Machine Soul Terminal

Shawn Rudiman: Machine Soul Terminal
(Finest Blend, Sweden) 2LP/CD




Photos: The Hive Of Leisure

February 27-28, 2010
Full moon over Southie


\\\\ Hotlisted \\\\

Meanwhile CD/2LP

Dirty Jesus
Juno Two 12"s/CD single

We Play House 12"

Hakim Murphy & Inbum Cho
Nowar 12"

Iron Curtis
Way Back Home EP
Mule Electronic 12"

John Daly
One Track 12"

Marvin Belton
The Light / The Letter
Ferrispark 12"

Patrice Scott
Sistrum 12"

Reggie Dokes
Royal Oak 12"

Theo Parrish & Billy Love
Sound Signature 2x12"