Techno Skank

"Techno Skank," the title of the latest EP on Halo Beats, can aptly describe the recent influx of techno/dubstep crossover and collaboration, the main difference between the genres being subdivision of the beat. That is, whether you want to dance atop the beat or dubstep around it, and how fast. Some may question the longevity of the marriage, but right now it seems to be working for producers such as Ramadanman, Appleblim and Martyn:

Ramadanman: Revenue / Revenue, Untold Remix (2nd Drop UK) 6-09

Appleblim & Ramadanman, Martyn, Pearson Sound: Sous Le Sable /
For Lost Relatives / Indelible (Aus Germany) 6-09

Efdemin: Acid Bells, Martyn's Bittersweet Mix (Curle Belgium) 6-09

Appleblim & Peverelist: Over Here, Brendon Moeller Remix /

Ghostleigh: Dleep On / Dleep Off (Ghostleighdubz UK)

Ghostleigh: Places (Ghostleighdubz)

Likhan': Redlight / Quiet Riot (7even UK)