New Release Rundown

Blasta: Incredible Adventures... Sampler #1 (Argon US) 12"
Three smooth and funky garage tracks from Russia's Blasta that will appear on his upcoming album for Argon, "Incredible Adventure Of Kenzolika And Quetzalcoatl Among The Air Castles."

Various Artists: The Owl In Daylight (Frigio Spain) 12"
An eerie tour of the analog galaxy, this three track EP is the first vinyl release for Madrid based label Frigio, named for the Phrygian mode in music (Juan Pablo's "Play Error" is actually composed in the mode).

Mano Le Tough: Warhorn / Halve A Sun (Internasjonal Norway) 12"
An introspective and versatile offering from Prins Thomas' label, these harmony driven tracks evoke the moment light floods the dancefloor.

Peter Van Hoesen: Face Of Smoke / Continued Care (Komisch UK) 12"
For the debut release of Komisch, Belgian producer and Time To Express label owner Van Hoesen provides deep and murky, yet also groovy and sophisticated techno.

Dirt Crew: Blow (Mood Music Germany) CD
The second full length from Peter Gijselaers (Break 3000) and Felix Eder (James Flavour) is a German perfectionist take on house music. Awash in warm bass and synth, this album is consistent evening mood music with broad appeal.

Millie & Andrea: Temper Tantrum / Vigilance (Daphne UK) 12"
A new standout in the techno inspired deep end of dubstep comes from Modern Love sublabel Daphne.

Tin Man: Cool Wave (Cheap Austria) 12"
Loungey and mercurial, the sound of "Cool Wave" is difficult to classify. Ex-Californian Johannes Auvinen aka Tin Man, whose vocals are featured throughout, focuses on making interesting electronic music rather than following a particular genre formula. Listen to the Tin Man's ACID MIX

1 School: Tribute To Lessons Of Life (Future Visions US) 12"
The seductive vocal house of "How Do You Love" is the main attraction on the A side of this EP from Ron Trent's Future Visions.

Cloaks: Versus Grain (3BY3 UK) CD
Complex, screeching dubstep that is engrossing and decidedly ambivalent to the dancefloor. "Rust On Metal," from the the first 12" single, expounds the noisy metallic intent of the album.

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