Jeff Mills & Purpose Maker In 2009

Founded in 1995, Purpose Maker is a tribal techno offshoot of Mills' Axis Records. As of April 2009, tracks such as "Sugar Is Sweeter" from his 1997 EP "Our Man In Havana" (pictured above) became available digitally on Beatport. Also, many of the Purpose Maker 12"s are currently available at Hard Wax.

Mills told Beatportal, "To date, only about 1/4 of all Purpose Maker tracks have been officially released. In the archive, we have remixes of tracks from artists like Basic Channel, DJ Hell, Josh Wink and Fumiya Tanaka that were never released...All these works are being reviewed for possible digital releases.”

This is ironic in the best possible way: The runout of Side A on 2006's "Natural World" announces "NEVER PLAN THE FUTURE BY THE PAST."