The Test Of Time

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Various Artists: Trelik Volume 1 (Trelik UK) CD 1996

A superior techno compilation featuring Minimal Man (label owner Peter Ford aka Baby Ford), Tan-Ru and R.Rash (Ian Loveday 1954-2009), and Deepah (Thomas Melchior & Tim Hutton).


Magic Feet

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Mike Dunn: Magic Feet Remixes (Djax Up Beats, Netherlands) 12" 1992


Review: Satoshi Tomiie in New York

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On the night of Satoshi Tomiie's return to New York City, Sullivan Room pulsed with simple red and blue LEDs. Past the lamplit checkpoint table was a dark den, a former meat freezer, thick with incense and underground music. Mixer Assassin opened with deep vocal house, an indirect homage to Satoshi's early career remixing the likes of Ultra Naté, leaving Taisun to lead the room towards the dark progressive sound characteristic of Tomiie's SAW imprint.

By midnight a distinct tick tock had taken over the club, as proud New Yorkers, wide-eyed travellers and partygoers who refused to wait in line elsewhere spilled onto the dance floor. Invariably the guy wearing flashing glasses became the life of his section of the party, handing the accessory to different girls to try on. All of the sudden the room was hot, and lasers kicked in. The bartenders, like everyone else, danced and posed for photos. And, of course, there was somebody who asked, "Does this get any louder?"

During the AM hours in a dark basement club, the ability to suspend time is invaluable. Satoshi Tomiie is a DJ who can make you forget the individuality of tracks and mixes. There were few peaks and valleys; the set was fluid. According to Satoshi, that is his aesthetic: "I try to make the night into a journey...one long track." The textural overlap of fragmented house vocals, alternately sinuous and punctuated bass, and throaty monologues were streamlined to the point that one ceased to speculate about unreleased material or technique. The middle of the room became a rippling blue sheen of skin, while multicolored balloons hugged the ceiling.

Immersed in the world of in-ear monitoring, Satoshi casually danced and sipped Heineken in the glow of Serato and Pioneer. After 4 AM he added Claude Debussy's "Claire de Lune" to the mix, hinting at his ten years of classical piano training. He let the piece play to its own climax and then gave the appreciative crowd a percussive workout. Watching Satoshi shake hands over the booth partition, someone commented, "Dude, he's a legend."


New Release Rundown

Blasta: Incredible Adventures... Sampler #1 (Argon US) 12"
Three smooth and funky garage tracks from Russia's Blasta that will appear on his upcoming album for Argon, "Incredible Adventure Of Kenzolika And Quetzalcoatl Among The Air Castles."

Various Artists: The Owl In Daylight (Frigio Spain) 12"
An eerie tour of the analog galaxy, this three track EP is the first vinyl release for Madrid based label Frigio, named for the Phrygian mode in music (Juan Pablo's "Play Error" is actually composed in the mode).

Mano Le Tough: Warhorn / Halve A Sun (Internasjonal Norway) 12"
An introspective and versatile offering from Prins Thomas' label, these harmony driven tracks evoke the moment light floods the dancefloor.

Peter Van Hoesen: Face Of Smoke / Continued Care (Komisch UK) 12"
For the debut release of Komisch, Belgian producer and Time To Express label owner Van Hoesen provides deep and murky, yet also groovy and sophisticated techno.

Dirt Crew: Blow (Mood Music Germany) CD
The second full length from Peter Gijselaers (Break 3000) and Felix Eder (James Flavour) is a German perfectionist take on house music. Awash in warm bass and synth, this album is consistent evening mood music with broad appeal.

Millie & Andrea: Temper Tantrum / Vigilance (Daphne UK) 12"
A new standout in the techno inspired deep end of dubstep comes from Modern Love sublabel Daphne.

Tin Man: Cool Wave (Cheap Austria) 12"
Loungey and mercurial, the sound of "Cool Wave" is difficult to classify. Ex-Californian Johannes Auvinen aka Tin Man, whose vocals are featured throughout, focuses on making interesting electronic music rather than following a particular genre formula. Listen to the Tin Man's ACID MIX

1 School: Tribute To Lessons Of Life (Future Visions US) 12"
The seductive vocal house of "How Do You Love" is the main attraction on the A side of this EP from Ron Trent's Future Visions.

Cloaks: Versus Grain (3BY3 UK) CD
Complex, screeching dubstep that is engrossing and decidedly ambivalent to the dancefloor. "Rust On Metal," from the the first 12" single, expounds the noisy metallic intent of the album.

More recent full length releases worth checking out:

Tokyo Black Star: Black Ships (Innervisions Germany)
Various Artists:
My Favorite Things Volume 2 (Mule Electronic Japan)
Various Artists:
Tectonic Plates Volume 2 (Tectonic UK)



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Omar S: Sidetrakx Volume #2 (FXHE Detroit) December 2008


Video: Satoshi Tomiie Returns To NYC

Recorded 6/14/09 at Sullivan Room, NYC

Coming soon: My review of the night for residentadvisor.net.


Minimal Nation

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This newly remastered and redesigned special edition of Robert Hood's 1994 album includes a mixed bonus disc, plus the previously unreleased and the rare: 'SH-101' and 'Self-Powered.' Relentlessly funky and riding the high hat towards 140 beats per minute and beyond, "Minimal Nation" is rejuvenating in 2009. Tracks such as "Sleep Cycles" offer an interesting contrast to the current sound of minimal techno. The triple white vinyl edition is available from Clone Records.

The USA re-release party for "Minimal Nation" is on July 4th at Water Taxi Beach, NYC.



The Moritz von Oswald Trio: Vertical Ascent

Listen to Pattern 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound): Synthesizers, samplers, percussion

Sasu Ripatti (Luomo, Vladislav Delay): Drums, percussion

Max Loderbauer (Non Standard Institut, Sun Electric): Synthesizers

Click here for an aural guide to Moritz von Oswald's productions with commentary by von Oswald.


Solemn Days

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Levon Vincent: Solemn Days EP (Deconstruct NYC) 12" May 2009



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Danny Howells: Laid Out, Fully Horizontal Mix / Tom Budden Mix (Dig Deeper UK) 12"

Chez Damier: Time Visions 1 (Mojuba Germany) 12"

Kuba: Message From Earth (Matrix US) 12"

Patrice Scott: Excursions EP (Sistrum US) 12"

Delgui / Bernd Maus: Deepentertained (Statik Entertainment Germany) 12"

Oliver Deustchmann: Lisboa (Vidab Germany) 12"

Solab: Distant Galaxy (Lifeworld Scotland) 12"


Jeff Mills & Purpose Maker In 2009

Founded in 1995, Purpose Maker is a tribal techno offshoot of Mills' Axis Records. As of April 2009, tracks such as "Sugar Is Sweeter" from his 1997 EP "Our Man In Havana" (pictured above) became available digitally on Beatport. Also, many of the Purpose Maker 12"s are currently available at Hard Wax.

Mills told Beatportal, "To date, only about 1/4 of all Purpose Maker tracks have been officially released. In the archive, we have remixes of tracks from artists like Basic Channel, DJ Hell, Josh Wink and Fumiya Tanaka that were never released...All these works are being reviewed for possible digital releases.”

This is ironic in the best possible way: The runout of Side A on 2006's "Natural World" announces "NEVER PLAN THE FUTURE BY THE PAST."


Video: Paul Oakenfold's Big Room Drama

Recorded 6/5/09 at The Roxy, Boston


Video: Raster-Noton's Alva Noto

Recorded 6/4/09 at The Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge, MA


Techno Skank

"Techno Skank," the title of the latest EP on Halo Beats, can aptly describe the recent influx of techno/dubstep crossover and collaboration, the main difference between the genres being subdivision of the beat. That is, whether you want to dance atop the beat or dubstep around it, and how fast. Some may question the longevity of the marriage, but right now it seems to be working for producers such as Ramadanman, Appleblim and Martyn:

Ramadanman: Revenue / Revenue, Untold Remix (2nd Drop UK) 6-09

Appleblim & Ramadanman, Martyn, Pearson Sound: Sous Le Sable /
For Lost Relatives / Indelible (Aus Germany) 6-09

Efdemin: Acid Bells, Martyn's Bittersweet Mix (Curle Belgium) 6-09

Appleblim & Peverelist: Over Here, Brendon Moeller Remix /

Ghostleigh: Dleep On / Dleep Off (Ghostleighdubz UK)

Ghostleigh: Places (Ghostleighdubz)

Likhan': Redlight / Quiet Riot (7even UK)



Brock Van Wey: White Clouds Drift On And On (Echospace) 2CD

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Stream: Brock Van Wey (aka bvdub) "Faded Truths" techno mix from '99



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Tina Valen: Colors (Young Society Germany) May 2009 12"


Emphasis On Wax

Listen to "Air" from Electronic Sound Of Milano's "Life Form" on Chicago label Emphasis. This is the ninth and most recent EP. To view and listen to the label's catalog visit www.emphasisrecordings.com.